Skate in the City

Aloittaja Jouko, heinäkuu 21, 2011, 18:42

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Please spread the word, so we can have a crowd there to enjoy:

On  Thursday 28 July 2011  from 5-8pm   at Garema Place, Civic (Chess Pit) , Canberra
Finnish Night as part of the  Skate in the City  event.

Starts at 5.30 pm with the Ambassador opening the evening followed by performances by Jouni and the Ladies ( vocal group), Revontulet (folk dancing group) and a Finnish Tango performed by Markko and Sharon Pekkarinen.

There will also be a stall inside a marquee from which homemade goods will be sold by the Finnish Lutheran Church, cakes, pies etc as well as knitted socks to keep you warm.

So please dust off your skates and come to Civic to show how it is done the Finnish way.

click on the Skate in the City link

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