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Suomalaisella ajokortilla ajaminen Queenslandissä
« : Joulukuu 19, 2006, 09:12 »
Suomalaisen ajokortin käyttö QLDn osavaltiossa

Tässä lainaus QLDTransportin sivulta,

Driving in Queensland
If you hold a valid driver licence issued under the law of
another country (a “foreign driver licence”), you are
allowed to drive any class of motor vehicle authorised on
that licence in Queensland.

You must have the licence with you at all times when
driving and immediately show the licence to a police
officer when asked to do so.

You must not drive in Queensland when:
• your licence is no longer a valid licence or
• your authority to drive in Queensland on that licence has been suspended or
• your authority to drive in Queensland on your driver licence has been withdrawn.

What is a valid driver licence?
Your driver licence is a valid licence if:
• it has not expired or
• it has not been cancelled or suspended or
• you have not been disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver licence by an order of an Australian court.

What if my driver licence is not in the English language?
If your driver licence is in a language other than English
you should carry a recognised English translation of it
when driving. If you are asked to show your licence to a
police officer, you should show the translation as well.

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